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Information for First Visit

If you've never been to P.T. Services, here are some information about what to expect.

What to Expect

If you've never had Physical Therapy before, your first visit is called the Initial evaluation. This is where you will sit and talk to your therapist about symptoms, when and how they began, your medical history, your expectations and personal goals for recovery. Your therapist will then perform an examination to determine a proper treatment plan.

What to Bring

  • Insurance Card/ Insurance Information
  • Valid ID - Such as Drivers License
    • Prescription - If you have one. If not, no worries
    • Initial Forms (optional) - This makes the check-in process faster.

    Initial Visit Forms

    The following forms are available for you to print and fill out prior to your visit. These forms are available as well when you come in. If you did not fill these out prior to your visit, please come in 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to allow time to fill out the form.

    Map & Directions

    Please use the link to the right to get directions.

    Society Hill/ Droyers Point has 2 gates, one in the front (along Route 440) and one on the side (behind Pathmark). You may use either gate.

    15 Tottenham Court, Jersey City, NJ

    What to Do at the Security Gate

    When pulling up to the security gate, please pull to the left hand side and provide our address (15 Tottenham Court) to the on duty guard, who will register you as our guest.

    What to Wear

    Try to dress comfortably. Wear loose clothing such as shorts, sweat pants, loose shirts, etc.

    Where to Park

    Please use our driveway. If it's full, there is alternate parking available at the end of the street. Please use unmarked parking spaces.